Kattås Water Treatment Plant is the winner of the price Autodesk Design & Make Awards 2023
Kattås Water Treatment Plant is the winner of the price Autodesk Design & Make Awards 2023

Norconsult wins award for best infrastructure project

On Sunday it became clear that Norconsult, with the Kattås Water Treatment Plant project, is the winner of the Autodesk Design & Make Awards 2023. The project earned the prestigious title of 'Best Infrastructure Project' in the Architecture, Design, and Construction class

The award was presented during the AU conference in Las Vegas on Sunday, a conference with 12,000 physical participants and more than 20,000 online participants.

"This award shows that Norway and Norconsult are at the forefront of digitalisation, and that we can assert ourselves in tough international competition. The project highlights how we can develop new methods for fully digital project execution and reap even greater value from the digital model," says Executive Vice President Head Office in Norconsult, Bård Hernes.

The project is Asker and Bærum Waterworks' new water treatment plant at Kattås in Vestmarka. Norconsult has been responsible for the design and engineering of all disciplines, with more than 30 disciplines involved. The way in which the professional collaboration is organised, with a total of 150 professional models and 14 contracts, is what made the project win.

Model-based approach has had significant effects

The extensive collaboration between more than 150 Norconsult employees contributes greatly to the award. Compared to traditional implementation using work drawings, there has been a great improvement in internal and external communication between humans and machines in this project. Handed over facilities will therefore correspond to the users' expectations as they have been with shaping it yourself.

Jon Mobråten is project manager for Asker and Bærum Vannverk and talks about a project that has been open to new technology and creative collaboration.

"In the conceptual design of the project's digital twin, we involved the operators who will later operate the plant. The practical experience and ownership of their new workplace was transferred through involving technology and collaboration. This has been fun and  ensured that the plant is built according to our expectations and for motivated operation and use in the future," says Mobråten.

Clean drinking water for Asker and Bærum

Climate change affects the entire water industry, and for many drinking water sources, the effect of higher temperatures and more intense rainfall significantly increases the humus content of the water. Humus is washed out from the soil, which is a natural process, causes problems for   water disinfection. The waterworks at Kattås is built to solve this problem, so that residents will receive enough clean and safe drinking water in the years to come. This is done with precipitation and filtration, followed by disinfection with UV and chlorination. The plant is built with a capacity of 80,000 cubic metres of water per day.

Read more about the project here: https://www.norconsult.com/digital-transformation

Accepted the award on behalf of Norconsult: Kristoffer Bugge and Marius Jablonskis

Accepted the award on behalf of Norconsult: Kristoffer Bugge and Marius Jablonskis

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