Norconsult to design new green ammonia plant for Fortescue Future Industries

Fortescue Future Industries has chosen Norconsult to design a production facility for green hydrogen and green ammonia in Svelgen.

Fortescue Future Industries (FFI), a subsidiary of the Australian resources company Fortescue, has advanced its Holmaneset project, providing potential for the development of a 300 megawatt green hydrogen and green ammonia facility with supporting infrastructure in Svelgen, northwest of Førde.

Norconsult will perform site investigations, design of process equipment and balance of plant, utilities and infrastructure/ports required to support the project.

– We are excited to work closely with FFI in this project. This is a large interdisciplinary assignment and confirms that we are at the forefront when it comes to green industry projects, says Norconsult CEO Egil Hogna.

Green ambitions

FFI is a global green energy company committed to producing green hydrogen and green ammonia, containing zero carbon, from 100 per cent renewable sources.  

It is leading the green industrial revolution, developing and acquiring technology solutions for hard-to-decarbonise industries, while building a global portfolio of renewable green hydrogen and green ammonia projects.

FFI has just established a Norwegian subsidiary in connection with the Holmaneset project.

Proven experience

Norconsult has broad expertise within production, transport and storage of ammonia. Produced from renewable energy and green hydrogen, green ammonia is vital for reducing the carbon footprint in food production and the marine transport sector.

The Holmaneset Project is a large interdisciplinary assignment that will require a wide range of services from Norconsult, including process management from Pure Logic, architecture services, site investigations and engineering services.

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