Part of the team; Marianne Kastberg Hvilshøj (Jord•Mljø), Charlotte Juhl Søegaard (Jord•Mljø), Lasse Hundborg (Norconsult), Jacob Ilsøe (Norconsult) and Anders Søvsø (Jord•Mljø)

Norconsult in new strategic acquisition of specialists in the geotechnical and environmental engineering area

Norconsult acquires Danish consulting firms JORD●MILJØ A/S and JORD●TEKNIK A/S, which have expertise in soil and environmental surveys within the building and construction sector. The acquisition is in line with the company's growth plans and gives Norconsult a new, strong business with clear synergies for the rest of the business.

Norconsult continues its consolidation in the construction industry with the acquisition of the consulting engineering companies JORD●MILJØ A/S and the sister company JORD●TEKNIK A/S. A total of 55 new employees with specialist competencies within environmental and soil surveys will be part of Norconsult Denmark, which will grow to approximately 450 employees.

The acquisition adds a whole new business area to Norconsult and contributes to the company's goal of covering the construction industry broadly through integrated consulting between architects and engineers.

- With the acquisition, we get an even wider range of specialist competencies in-house at Norconsult. Our experience is, that this creates good results, positive synergies and contributes to growth in our business. We are very pleased that JORD●MILJØ A/S and JORD●TEKNIK A/S will be part of our group with their high level of professionalism in an area where we have previously acquired the competencies from outside. With JORD●MILJØ A/S and JORD●TEKNIK A/S on board we look forward to being able to benefit clearly from the advice and analyzes that precede any construction, says Executive Vice president of Norconsult Denmark Thomas Bolding Rasmussen and adds:

- The new services and competencies we now integrate in Norconsult are in great demand among our customers, who can look forward to a more efficient process and an even better end product.

Fifth acquisition in five years
The acquisition is the fifth in a row since 2017, and in that period Norconsult has gone from 60 to now 450 employees in Denmark.

According to Anders Søvsø, CEO of JORD●MILJØ A/S and JORD●TEKNIK A/S, the merger with Norconsult is the right one.

 - For us to become part of Norconsult and enter an interdisciplinary collaboration, where we can contribute with our specialist competencies, is a natural next step. In addition, we share common values ​​and appreciate that we not only become a cog in a large machinery, but we can run our business in a larger community with sparring, collaboration and synergies across teams and functions that will benefit all parties. Finally, we look forward to the professional development opportunities that our employees can look forward to by entering a larger house, says Anders Søvsø.

The new companies in the group will in future be called Norconsult JORD●MILJØ A/S and Norconsult JORD●TEKNIK A/S. In time, they will be fully integrated under the name Norconsult.