Norconsult Franck Miljø- og Geoteknik
The Danish Zealand branch of the consulting engineering company Franck Miljø- og Geoteknik becomes part of Norconsult. From left, Jacob Ilsøe, director Byggeri Norconsult Danmark, Thomas Bolding Rasmussen, EVP Norconsult Danmark, Anders Søvsø, director Geoteknik & Miljø, Jakob Bielefeldt, director Geoteknik and Peder Hauritz, CEO at Franck Miljø & Geoteknik.

Norconsult acquires a Danish specialist branch in soil and environmental studies

NOT FOR GENERAL RELEASE, PUBLICATION OR DISTRIBUTION, DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY IN AUSTRALIA, CANADA, JAPAN, THE UNITED STATES OR TO US PERSONS OR IN ANY OTHER JURISDICTION WHERE SUCH DISTRIBUTION WOULD CONSTITUTE A VIOLATION OF THE RELEVANT LAWS OR REGULATIONS OF SUCH JURISDICTION. The Danish Zealand branch of the consulting engineering company Franck Miljø- og Geoteknik becomes part of Norconsult. As a result, Norconsult is strengthening its services within environmental and geotechnical consultancy, and a new specialised department is established in Smørum.

Norconsult continues to strengthen its position in the Danish market through acquisitions. Today, the company welcomes 17 new employees from the eastern department of Franck Miljø- og Geoteknik A/S, following the completion of a purchase agreement.

With the acquisition, Norconsult will count approximately 570 employees in Denmark and strengthens its competencies within soil and environmental studies, including drilling technology.

Positive synergies

"We are very pleased to welcome these new, talented employees to Norconsult. This gives us an even better opportunity to serve our clients with the best competencies, and I expect that it will lead to positive synergies and contribute to the continued growth of our business. At the same time, the acquisition gives us a unique opportunity to establish an even stronger professional environment on Zealand. With approximately 70 employees, we will be one of the strongest advisors in the field," says EVP Norconsult Danmark Thomas Bolding Rasmussen.

Franck Miljø- og Geoteknik is also pleased with the acquisition and the opportunities it offers for their employees.

"I am proud to hand over a well-run business with skilled employees who can now look forward to new opportunities at Norconsult. This step opens the door to a larger professional environment that will benefit the individual's development. At the same time, I am convinced that Norconsult will reap valuable synergies that will benefit both employees and the business," says Peder Hauritz, who will continue as Director at Franck Miljø- og Geoteknik A/S in Horsens.

Eight acquisitions in six years

The acquisition of the eastern department of Franck Miljø- og Geoteknik is the eighth acquisition Norconsult has completed in Denmark since 2017 and the third in 2023 for Norconsult.

In 2022, Norconsult also took over specialists in the geotechnical field when Jord & Miljø A/S and its sister company Jord & Teknik A/S joined the company.

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Franck Miljø- & Geoteknik

Franck Miljø- & Geoteknik is a leader in geotechnical solutions and soil drilling in Denmark. The department in Smørum, consisting of 17 employees, has now become part of Norconsult, which is establishing a new joint department for Environmental and Geotechnics at the location in Smørum consisting of approx. 70 employees. With a history of more than 50,000 cases and 100,000 drilling projects, the company brings solid experience and expertise to Norconsult.

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