The new group management. From the left; CEO Egil Hogna; EVP Norway Head Office, Bård Hernes; CFO Christian Bekkevold Nilsen (acting); EVP Sustainability and staff, Janicke Garmann; EVP Norway Regions, Vegard Jacobsen; EVP Technogarden, Kathrine Duun Moen; EVP Denmark, Thomas Bolding Rasmussen; EVP Renewable Energy, Sten-Ole Nilsen; EVP Digitalisation, Ola Greiff Johnsen; EVP Sweden, Ljot Strömseng (acting)

New organization and group management in Norconsult

After nearly five months as CEO of Norconsult Egil Hogna and the board of directors have decided on a new organization and group management. The new group management has been expanded to strengthen strategically important areas such as Nordic growth, digitalisation and sustainability.

Hogna took over as CEO of Norconsult on December 1st, 2020, and has spent the first months learning about the company's business, challenges and opportunities. A stronger Nordic footprint and closer cooperation across borders are important reasons for the choice of structure.

– I am pleased to get in place a strong and competent team that can further develop Norconsult as a strong Nordic player in the years to come. It represents a good combination of renewal and continuity, says Hogna.

To strengthen the Group's Nordic efforts, operations in Sweden and Denmark will become separate business areas in the new group. Norconsult has initiated a process to recruit a new Executive Vice President in Sweden. Ljot Strömseng, who is managing director for the Swedish business unit today, will leave his position in 2021, but will temporarily hold this position until a new EVP is recruited. Thomas Bolding Rasmussen will also be included in the new group management team as EVP Denmark.  

In Norway Bård Hernes will continue as EVP for Norway Head Office, while Vegard Jacobsen replaces Janicke Garmann as EVP for Norway Regions. Garmann will take over as Executive Vice President for Sustainability and staff. Christian B. Nilsen who is CFO today, will leave his position in 2021, but will continue in the role as CFO until a new Executive Vice President is recruited.

Renewable Energy becomes a new business area and will be led by Sten-Ole Nilsen. We will also strengthen the focus on digitalization by lifting this area to group management with Ola Greiff Johnsen as EVP for Digitalisation. The fully owned resource and recruitment consultancy company Technogarden will continue to be led by Kathrine Duun Moen, who will also be a new Executive Vice President.

As Norconsult’ s operations in Sweden and Denmark as well as Technogarden will become new business areas, the previous Nordic business area is dissolved, and Norconsult’s operations in Iceland and Poland will be included in the Renewable Energy business area. Former Executive Vice President Egil Gossé will step down from group management and will take on a management position related to business development.

The new group management team will be operational from May 1st, and will be as follows:

  • CEO Egil Hogna
  • CFO Christian Bekkevold Nilsen (acting)
  • EVP Sustainability and staff, Janicke Garmann
  • EVP Norway Head Office, Bård Hernes
  • EVP Norway Regions, Vegard Jacobsen
  • EVP Renewable Energy, Sten-Ole Nilsen
  • EVP Sweden, Ljot Strömseng (acting)
  • EVP Denmark, Thomas Bolding Rasmussen
  • EVP Digitalisation, Ola Greiff Johnsen
  • EVP Technogarden, Kathrine Duun Moen