GeoRaptor optimizes infrastructure planning

How do you find the best route for a water supply pipeline or a favorable location for a business? Norconsult's new GIS tool, GeoRaptor, takes into account various types of geospatial data and provides a comprehensive basis for assessment from a holistic perspective.

The localization of businesses and infrastructure is a process that affects both the environment and societal functions. Therefore, it is important to use a method that considers various aspects and evaluates alternatives from a holistic perspective.

- With GeoRaptor, you get a comprehensive basis and can thus make well-founded decisions related to location-specific questions, says Felipe Verdú, Technical Manager in GIS and Remote Sensing at Norconsult Sweden.

Ranking Alternative Solutions

GeoRaptor, developed by Norconsult and launched in 2021, employs multicriteria analysis and weighting methodology within the GIS (Geographic Information System) to compare locations and routes. Through a thorough comparison of various alternatives, environmental impact, costs, and social effects can be assessed against each other.

- Using GeoRaptor, we identify corridors and areas with high and low values that help rank alternative solutions. The values are based on geographical data identified within the analysis area, such as slope, soil depth, protected areas, valuable nature, cultural heritage, land cover, roads, and buildings. Within the corridor, we calculate alternative routes and come up with proposals that can be used in the decision-making process, says Felipe Verdú.

Comprehensive Assessment of Climate Risk

GeoRaptor can be used for projects with a high level of detail as well as municipal detailed plans and projects at the national, overarching level. It can, for example, involve finding the most suitable location for the establishment or expansion of a business or the most optimal route between two or more connection points for power lines, water and sewage, roads, gas pipelines, or fiber networks.

- The tool can also identify valuable animal habitats and maps for field surveys. For instance, this can provide municipalities with a basis for a comprehensive assessment of climate risk and prioritization of measures, says Felipe Verdú.

GeoRaptor utilizes Norconsult's geospatial data folder, which is continuously updated and quality-assured.

- There is a wealth of open data that can be used for analysis, and we review everything within the analysis area. Our expertise covers all areas of urban planning, which is crucial for a reliable result. You get a comparison of various alternatives related to the environment, costs, and other relevant factors for your project. This way, we can reduce resource consumption and obtain a better decision-making basis in community development projects, says Felipe Verdú.