Nils Morten Huseby elected Chair of the Board.

General Meeting electing Nils Morten Huseby as Chair of the Board

Nils Morten Huseby was elected Chair of the Board of Directors in Norconsult according to the nomination committee’s proposal. Vibecke Hverven was also elected as Deputy Chairman.

Norconsult held its General Meeting on Thursday 5 Maywhen Nils Morten Huseby was elected Chair of the Board of Directors. The General Meeting also elected Vibecke Hverven as a new Member of the Board and Deputy Chairman. Both according to the nomination committee’s proposal.

Mr. Huseby currently holds the position as CEO at Institutt for energiteknikk (IFE) and has been a Member of Norconsult’sBoard since 2017 and Deputy Chairman since 2020.

International experience

Nils Morten Huseby has more than 30 years experience from the energy sector and more than 20 years experience in various executive positions. He has also many years of board experience from a number of companies and organizations. Prior to joining IFE in 2016, Mr. Huseby held the position as CEO in Rainpower (Statkraft gruppen) and he held the position as an executive in the South American operations of SN Power, in addition to different positions in NOS ASA, McKinsey & Company and Shell International.

Mr. Huseby holds a Master of Science in Engineering from NTH (1991) and he has a broad international management experience. He has also worked with business development, project management and change management in technology companies.

– With five years of experience from the board of Norconsult, I have gained good insight into the company`s strategy, culture and not least small and large assignments for private and public customers. Now I look forward to starting as Chairman of the Board and contribute to further developing the group in the years to come. Norconsult has solid professional knowledge and is known for driving the industry forward in sustainability, digitalisation and innovation, says Nils Morten Huseby.

Deputy Chair

Vibecke Hverven has international management experience, and she has served different board positions in various markets, including the energy sector for various renewable energy projects. Hverven also served as CEO in Sweco Norway from 2005–2012. She also led the building of DNV's Scandinavian commitment to renewable energy before becoming CEO for OBOS Project.

Currently Mrs. Hverven is a partner in the business consultancy company Considium Consulting Group with board positions as its main activity. She has several years of board experience from NGI and Eidsiva Vannkraft, board experience from various project management companies and real estate companies. In recent years, she has been involved in innovation through positions in start-up companies and funds.

Norconsult has grown a lot in Sweden in recent years and the group has a clear strategy for growth in the Nordic region. Anni Ulfendahl (b. 1986), holds a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Linköping University in 2012, works at Norconsult Gothenburg, and has been elected as a shareholder-elected board member.

It has been five years since there were last changes among the external elected Members of the Board, and the background for the changes is a combination of the need for natural renewal, but also continuity in the Board. With the changes, the Board will also have an increased breadth with a female share of 45 per cent.

Following the general meeting, Norconsult's new board consists of:

* Nils Morten Huseby, shareholder elected and Chair

* Vibecke Hverven, shareholder elected and Deputy Chair

* Mari Thjømøe, shareholder elected

* Lars-Petter Nesvåg, shareholder elected

* Anni Ulfendahl, shareholder elected

* Michelle S. Wright, shareholder elected

* Harald Trosvik, employee elected

* Kjell Selfors Nilsen, employee elected

* Isaak Elias Skjeseth Bashevkin, employee elected

* Erlend Haugland Næs, deputy member

Norconsult appreciates the solid efforts of all the former board members and the outgoing Chairman of the Board.

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