Autumn and time for innovation

After a long Nordic summer, the trees are now starting to change color and the cold, fresh air is taking over. Autumn is a time for innovation and focus, for smart solutions and good meeting places. Here are some Norconsult projects in Scandinavia that put these values first.

Kulturhuset in Skövde is located approximately in the middle of southern Sweden and is one of the region's most visited meeting places. Norconsult's architects and landscape architects have helped to open the square to the surrounding streets and strengthen it as a meeting point in the city. The square has been expanded to provide ample space for events and outdoor seating, and accessibility has been increased for pedestrians and cyclists. Stone from walls that had to be taken down has been reused as much as possible in the construction.

Innovation Campus Steinkjer is a satelite of Nord University in Steinkjer, and a co-location with a number of public institutions and private companies in agriculture, creative industries and development companies. All the buildings are connected by a glass-covered intermediate building and good living areas with a park, benches and varied planst have been arranged. Norconsult has participated in the feasibility study, pre-project phase, detailed design phase and implementation phase.

Sävehuset on Gotland was named Environmental Building of the Year in Sweden in 2020, and Norconsult's architects have helped to give the outdated building new life. Sävehuset was built in the early 1970s, and was perceived as dark, heavy, and confined. The measures related to the renovation were extensive, but it was still decided to renovate existing buildings rather than building new ones. The concept for the renovation has been to open the building, get increased internal flow and enough daylight.

Kristian Augusts gate 13 on Tullinløkka in Oslo is a pioneering recycling project where a demolition-threatened 1950s building was updated and rehabilitated according to circular principles and reuse. The property is part of Entra's total investment in the Customs Quarter. With this project, the involved partners show that large construction projects can also be realized in line with circular principles, and much of the building materials are reused from other buildings that have been demolished. Norconsult has contributed with advice within HVAC and water and sewage.

Brønshøj Parish Center in Copenhagen is an open and welcoming house that is well integrated into its cultural and historical surroundings. The project is carried out with CLT elements, which are environmentally friendly and renewable building materials with a very low CO2 footprint. The green roof collects rainwater used in the building. Solar cells on the roof help to minimize resource consumption. Norconsult has been responsible for constructions, plumbing and electrical.

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