Daily life at Norconsult

Every day we work to improve everyday life. To succeed, we need a good workplace, motivated employees and exciting and varied assignments.

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There is rarely just one thing that characterises success, but rather the sum of what we create together. 

Collaboration with colleagues and clients, smart solutions and good decisions are a prerequisite. We must also ensure that sustainability and digitalisation are central in the projects we are involved in. When we succeed in this, we also succeed in creating satisfied clients, a workplace where we can thrive and profitable growth. 

  • More than 5,600 employees divided across more than 130 offices. 
  • 85% of employees are engaged or highly engaged in their jobs. 
  • 20,000 annual assignments - small and large, private and public 

Culture and work environment 

Our culture is strong, and our value platform, LiVE, forms the basis for your everyday life at Norconsult. LiVE stands for leadership, values, and ethics, and the platform consists of rules to live by that contribute to promoting the attitudes that characterise our culture. LiVE will help you as an employee make choices and solve dilemmas in your daily work. 

Our annual employee survey is important for the development of work environment, engagement, competence, leadership and collaboration. It gives you as an employee an opportunity to express your opinions and to be involved in influencing our work environment. 

Results over several years show that our employees are proud of their workplace and enjoy their work. Nine out of ten would recommend others to apply for a job with us. 


Development and opportunities 

A career path is about creating a meaningful work life for yourself. We are different, with different needs. Perhaps you are motivated by clear goals, or maybe you prefer a career path that is created as you go? Do you want to specialize or work with a broad spectre of services and topics? Maybe you have a passion for leadership, or maybe you prefer technical work? Regardless of your wishes, needs and ambitions, you will have the opportunity to influence your own development and career with us. 

It is the sum of our knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that make up Norconsult. As consultants, learning and development primarily occur continuously through work and experience from projects and via interaction with colleagues, clients and partners. In addition to this, it is important to us that you as an employee receive the necessary professional and personal input. 


Diversity and inclusion 

At Norconsult, everyone should have equal opportunities and rights. We respect each other, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, age, ethnicity, ability, religion and belief. We work purposefully to increase our share of women and have set a goal of 40 percent women in the Norconsult group, both in operational units and when recruiting new leaders. When recruiting for leadership positions, there must be at least one female candidate in the final interview round. 


Sustainability and social involvement 

As a leading consulting company, we are a driver for the green shift, and as an employee of Norconsult, you will be central to this. Our employees' engagement and competence enable us to make thoughtful choices that contribute to the development of a good and sustainable society for all. 

Our impact is the greatest in our projects. In collaboration with our clients, we provide decision support and develop sustainable solutions that provide value for the client and society and that will stand the test of time. It is important for us to be good at what we recommend to our customers, take responsibility for our own impact and reduce our own emissions. 

We have a strong social involvement that goes beyond our consulting services - locally, nationally and globally. Read more about this here. 


How we work 

To create client value, we must understand the entire value chain from their perspective. 

LiVE PRO helps us succeed in this. LiVE PRO consists of simple, tangible and understandable principles and fundamental prerequisites that contribute to better work processes, even more satisfied customers and even better performance for everyone involved in our projects. Where LiVE characterises our culture, LiVE PRO characterises how we work. 

LiVE PRO gives you as an employee simple and understandable principles as well as basic conditions for how we should all work, so that we can solve our assignments in the best possible way.