Management system, certifications and commitments

Norconsult works every day to deliver quality in everything we do, in a sustainable and safe way. We achieve this with a management system that is well-documented and complied with, both at group level and for each subsidiary.

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The Norconsult Group 

The Group’s management system, NORMS (Norconsult Management System), ensures that the Group prevents, detects and avoids corruption and other financial misconduct, is compliant with external requirements and expectations expressed in key external regulations and adequately manages risk. Norconsult complies with the Norwegian Code of Practice for Corporate Governance (NUES), to the extent that the recommendations are deemed relevant to a company that is wholly owned by its employees.  

The Group’s policy for corporate governance is part of the Group’s management system.  

The Group has established governing policies covering execution of assignments, internal control and risk management, all available on the Group’s intranet.  

The Board of Directors has the overall responsibility for ensuring that the management system is efficient and well-functioning. 

Each subsidiary is responsible for establishing relevant, efficient, and sound practices based on the Group’s guidelines.  This includes compliance with the Group’s Code of Ethics and requirements for correct financial reporting.  

Several subsidiaries in the Group have management systems that are ISO-certified in order to meet requirements and expectations in the markets they operate in. 

  • Torhild Tøndel

    Head of Department for Management System, Quality, HSE

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