Ethics and integrity

Norconsult's corporate culture is based on diversity, transparency and mutual respect. Our approach to leadership, values and ethics characterises the entire Group, from how we collaborate with our colleagues, to client dialogue and how we conduct our business ethically and profitably.

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Our cultural platform LiVE is based on eleven principles for leadership, values and ethics. Our rule of thumb for ethics states that all our behaviour must be able to withstand public scrutiny. We work actively to ensure that we do not breach internationally recognised legislation, principles and guidelines relating to corruption and human and employee rights.  

All employees complete an annual e-learning course addressing relevant ethical dilemmas that they could encounter in their work.  

The Group has a whistleblowing channel, through which any employee and external party can report censurable matters. Our annual employee survey shows that our employees are well aware of the channel and that they are familiar with the content of the ethical guidelines as well as the requirements placed on employees. 

All suppliers and business partners are required to sign the Group’s Code of conduct for Business Partners, Declaration Business Partner Conduct Principles and Declaration. In countries with a high risk of corruption, Norconsult performs systematic integrity and ethics due diligence on all contractual parties before agreements are signed. 



It is a fundamental premise that all people are equal. The goal is that our employees should have the same opportunities to reach their full potential regardless of who they are or how they identify. A broader range of perspectives helps us understand all parts of society, challenges us in our missions, and leads to a higher degree of innovation. Therefore, we welcome employees with different backgrounds and experiences.


Whistleblowing - Norconsult Speak Up

Norconsult has an independent whistleblowing function for reporting of infringements or suspected infringements of laws, regulations or the Norconsult  Code of Ethics.  

The whistleblowing channel is managed by external lawyers. Reports will be handled in privacy and confidence pending discrete and comprehensive follow-up in Group internal audit. See further information in the reporting solution. 

Norconsult Speak Up (



Norconsult takes privacy seriously and processing of data will be in accordance with Norconsult’s at all times applicable Data Protection Policy.

The Norwegian transparency act

In Norconsult we focus on the social aspects of sustainability, and we carry out systematic and comprehensive work to safeguard fundamental human rights and decent working conditions in the supply chain, and amongst our clients and partners.

You can find reports related to Norconsults due diligence assessments here

Do you have questions related to the transparency act? Please reach out at with the subject Åpenhetsloven.  

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